Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Gale's going to be back on TV


Gale Harold, who recently guest starred on two episodes of Grey's Anatomy and led the cast of the short-lived Vanished, has landed a recurring role on ABC's Desperate Housewives, reports TV Guide. The 39-year-old actor from Atlanta, Georgia, is set to first appear on the show in the second part of May 18 two-hour season finale. TV Guide says that Harold "will play a quick-witted, charming and buttoned-down suburbanite."

Slight spoilers ahead!

TV Guide doesn't reveal more about the role yet. However, I wouldn't be surprised if Harold ends up playing Ken, a character Kristin from E! Online recently described as a perfect and straight-laced husband type, who will have something to do with next season's major mystery. Other spoilers sources believe that Ken is part of the possible time jump in the future the show may go through and that the 40-year-old character may turn out to be the new husband of one of the current housewives.

I don't know what ABC considers to be "buttoned-down" but I gotta say, this look definitely works for me.

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