Thursday, July 24, 2008

Drive-by Gale mention

A little bit of Gale news.

Only ET has the news from Teri Hatcher that she is going to be naked on the new season of "Desperate Housewives" -- and this time she may take her clothes off for a new guy!

"It is ABC. I can't be completely naked," Teri jokes with ET's Mark Steines, who is talking to the actress about her upcoming charity event as a guest vocalist for The Band from TV, while getting the latest on "Desperate Housewives."

"She is five years in the future and there are circumstances that have led her to have a more pulled-together personality," Teri continues. "There is a new guy on the show. He is great."

The new guy is being played by Gale Harold, but that doesn't mean we have seen the last of Mike (James Denton).

Her ET interview is here

I can't wait until they actually interview Gale or release a new picture of him. For a character that's being described by Marc Cherry as an "artsy type", he was pretty buttoned up in the season finale. Hopefully we'll see some casual, scruffy Gale. It's a good look on him.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Party animal :)

The Gale news never stops! For those wondering why he was at the NBC summer press tour party, the knoxnews guy tells us why

"As for Gale ... he was just having fun. He was attending the party with his friend, Yara, who is a co-star of Christian Slater's new series, "My Own Worst Enemy."

Yara Martinez played Gale's wife on Vanished.



Monday, July 21, 2008

Gale's keeping us entertained

Even more from Terry Morrow and his blog at the

And I ran across my new best friend on this tour -- Gale Harold, who assured me that not all Southern people are stupid.

Gale greeted me and than sat me down to talk about all things Southern and how much he enjoyed our rather unusual meeting the other night. He's quite the kidder. He had me going for a bit when he pointed out someone who he identified as his girlfriend. In reality, he didn't even know her. Gale loves to mess with people -- almost anyone really -- if he can get away with it.

He picked up a chicken breast, enjoyed eating it and then accidentally dropped it. Instead of playing by the 5-second rule, he picked it up and then threw it like a bowling ball across the lawn, hitting a publicist in the foot. Thank goodness it was a crowded party. No one knew he was the mysterious thrower of the chicken breast. Can you imagine the story that publicist had the next day? "I was at the Beverly Hills party when this chicken breast attacked me!"

I gotta say that I'd forgo the 5-second rule on dropped chicken as well. It's really only good for things that aren't moist, like M&M's and Skittles.

I'm so glad that Gale seems to be enjoying himself as he's promoting his role on DH. Good for him!

Now I just need some new pics to go with all of the press that's floating around.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Because I am also part of the herd when it comes to Gale

I woke up to find this amusing article all over my f-list. Seems like Gale had a good time in Knoxville.

"Perhaps the most interesting conversation of the evening was with new "Housewives" co-star Gale Harold. He's playing Teri Hatcher's new love interest -- an artsy type -- in the new season (when the show moves its story 5 years later). He kept toasting my glass and asking me about Knoxville's Girls, a band. He also knew of the song "Knoxville Girl." We toasted often. He strayed off subject frequently, and he apologized for being an "a$$." But, in all honesty, he was very amusing. He asked me to come down to Alabama when he visted there next. He wants to party with me in Atlanta. Whatev."

This was taken from an interview with Gale by Terry Morrow

I'm in an extreme hurry so all I've got time for is a small picture


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Finally, some new Gale news. Unfortunately, it comes with old pics

The latest Desperate Housewives news from eonline's Watch with Kristin:

Susan Definitely Has a New Man, (Sorry Mike!) Regarding Gale Harold (Vanished, Queer as Folk), who plays Susan's (Teri Hatcher) new man, executive producer Bob Daily says, "He just shot his first scene today and Marc [Cherry] said it went great." Said Wind, "And it wasn't an easy scene to start involved a little skin."

I'm gonna go completely gratuitous with some Gale skin. It's from the 12/2003 issue of Vanity Fair.

Scruffy Gale dressed in all black is always worth repeating.



And he looks pretty good in white as well.

Friday, July 11, 2008


So, if you know anything about Gale you know that yesterday was his birthday. (Which I would have posted about but my computer was having *issues*) And in case you had forgotten, just cruise the IMDB board or check out my f-list over on LJ. It's kind of sweet (in a celebrity-stalking kind of way) that so many people care about Gale and want good things for him on his birthday.

This little post popped up on my Gale Google Alert and I laughed so hard when I read it. Then I spent a few minutes gazing at the Brian's O-face picspam.

"Still, having eyes as I do, I've taken notice here and there of its star Mr. Harold, and I do know well enough that to summon his name is to invite some sort of fannish wrath very specific to a sort of compulsive web-type... i.e. his fans are crazy people. Hi, crazy people! I will not abuse your lover here. I don't know or care if he and that blond twelve year old he romanced on the show were really in love or not but mean old society kept them apart."

You can go here for the rest of the post.

A pic with Gale and Faye Ann Lee. I doubt that "Falling For Grace" will make it to Austin, but if it does, I am so there.


I watched Wake this week and I'll review it later. I'm watching it again tomorrow because I have a squee date/movie chat with a couple of Gale fangirls.

I will be SO FREAKING HAPPY when Gale starts to do some press for DH so I can get some new pics.

Saturday, July 05, 2008


I got my Wake DVD and the Puddle of Mudd CD in the mail today. I'm uploading my CD to itunes right now so I can copy it to my Zune. Eventually, when my husband loads the correct software on my laptop, I'll be able to copy Wake and all five seasons of Queer As Folk to my Zune so I can watch them on the go.

I am ridiculously excited at the prospect.

I found the official Wake website today and grabbed a few pics. Gale must spend a good part of the movie in a housecoat because in most of the pics he's wearing one. Not that I'm complaining. He looks gorgeous in it. *has a shallow moment*

Here's the site


I also found a photo of the rehearsals, which I thought was pretty cool. I love "behind the scenes" stuff.


I'm going to watch the movie in a while, after my house quiets down.