Friday, July 18, 2008

Because I am also part of the herd when it comes to Gale

I woke up to find this amusing article all over my f-list. Seems like Gale had a good time in Knoxville.

"Perhaps the most interesting conversation of the evening was with new "Housewives" co-star Gale Harold. He's playing Teri Hatcher's new love interest -- an artsy type -- in the new season (when the show moves its story 5 years later). He kept toasting my glass and asking me about Knoxville's Girls, a band. He also knew of the song "Knoxville Girl." We toasted often. He strayed off subject frequently, and he apologized for being an "a$$." But, in all honesty, he was very amusing. He asked me to come down to Alabama when he visted there next. He wants to party with me in Atlanta. Whatev."

This was taken from an interview with Gale by Terry Morrow

I'm in an extreme hurry so all I've got time for is a small picture


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