Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Finally, some new Gale news. Unfortunately, it comes with old pics

The latest Desperate Housewives news from eonline's Watch with Kristin:

Susan Definitely Has a New Man, (Sorry Mike!) Regarding Gale Harold (Vanished, Queer as Folk), who plays Susan's (Teri Hatcher) new man, executive producer Bob Daily says, "He just shot his first scene today and Marc [Cherry] said it went great." Said Wind, "And it wasn't an easy scene to start with...it involved a little skin."

I'm gonna go completely gratuitous with some Gale skin. It's from the 12/2003 issue of Vanity Fair.

Scruffy Gale dressed in all black is always worth repeating.



And he looks pretty good in white as well.

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