Saturday, July 05, 2008


I got my Wake DVD and the Puddle of Mudd CD in the mail today. I'm uploading my CD to itunes right now so I can copy it to my Zune. Eventually, when my husband loads the correct software on my laptop, I'll be able to copy Wake and all five seasons of Queer As Folk to my Zune so I can watch them on the go.

I am ridiculously excited at the prospect.

I found the official Wake website today and grabbed a few pics. Gale must spend a good part of the movie in a housecoat because in most of the pics he's wearing one. Not that I'm complaining. He looks gorgeous in it. *has a shallow moment*

Here's the site


I also found a photo of the rehearsals, which I thought was pretty cool. I love "behind the scenes" stuff.


I'm going to watch the movie in a while, after my house quiets down.

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