Sunday, June 29, 2008


Amazon sent me an e-mail today letting them know that my order had been sent. Yippee!

In addition to Wake, I also ordered Puddle Of Mudd's latest CD, Famous. It was released last year (on my girl's birthday, what a coincidence) and I remember reading about it but I never heard any of the tracks on the radio. Odd.

Anyway, I was listening to Time Flies on my Zune (I have mad love for this song) and it made me think of them so I went to Amazon and added their CD to my order. The only song that I know from this release is Psycho and that's because my girls heard it and wanted to know if I had it on any of my CD's. I have their other two CD's and I like them both, so we'll wait and see how this one fares.


Now, back to the Gale!

I love the skeptical look on Gale's face in this picture. I imagine he looked a lot like this when FOX was explaining to him why it made sense to kill off their leading man seven episodes into the the first season of Vanished. Bastards!


One last musical observation: The song White, Discussion by Live from their CD Throwing Copper is made of WIN.

That's all :)


plasticine said...

freaky, I was listening to Live with Shelby Lynne on the ipod while reading this post and you mention the band at the end...

Oh slightly pissed off Gale how cute!

bookgirl24 said...

Don't you love the careful product placement for FOX?