Friday, June 27, 2008

Historic Gale

“He's breaking new ground for bringing sexuality to a performance, and not just gay sexuality. I don't think any other actor has ever done what he's doing. I think it's kind of historic.” ~ Ron Cowen on Gale


On my LJ f-list there's a user that posts "Of the day quotes, pics and songs" and the other day she posted this quote about Gale. Then, this picture popped up yesterday on my Gale Harold Google alert.

I thought they made a good match.


plasticine said...

Gahhh! he looks so young in that pic!

bookgirl24 said...

I'm guessing it's early QaF, maybe s1 or s2. I'd never seen it until it popped up on my google alert.

Natália Spada said...

I love him young.
I wonder what he looked like when he was 20 something.