Saturday, June 07, 2008

Busy boy

Gale is definitely getting around.

First, last week's post and subsequent buzz about a Gale and a date at the movies sighting on the IMDB boards which threw some people into a frenzy. They're a very amusing (and sometimes mean and nasty) bunch of people.

Then, his profile was updated to show that he's in a small indie film called "Passenger Side" that just finished post-production work at the end of May. It think it's supposed to be shown at a film festival but I can't remember where and I'm to lazy to look right now :)

So Go Gale! *shakes her fangirl pom-poms*

I hope this is the start of a steady work (read "picture laden") time for him. I NEED SOME NEW GALE PICS, yo!

I'm just saying.

This pic popped up on my f-list yesterday. It's pretty old (maybe 5 years?) but it makes me laugh anyway.


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