Thursday, June 05, 2008

Redneck Gale

So I watched The Unseen last night. I was pleasantly surprised. There were several of what I call "cringe worthy" moments, due to (over)acting, cheesy dialog and various southern accents being used but overall, I'll definitely be watching it again soon.

Visually, it was a stunning movie. The small, southern Georgia town that served as a backdrop was truly beautiful. One of my favorite scenes was the shot of the barb wired fence.

I was really surprised by Gale's performance, especially when you contrast it with the behind-the-scenes documentary that I found on you tube. He's so quiet and soft-spoken and almost uncomfortably shy when talking about his role in the movie and yet when you watch the movie he's very, very believable as an explosive and violent red neck with a haunting secret from his past.

It also stars Steve Harris (from The Practice) and Catherine Dent (from The Shield)who I think is a stunning woman. Michelle Clunie (Mel from Queer As Folk) plays Gale's love interest Kathleen in the movie, which is amusing because on QaF she and Brian spend most of their time on screen warring with one another. She was quite adorable in a white-trash, southern girl, kind of way.

I'm a huge fan of scruffy!Gale. I can't help it; it's the hillbilly in me.


A short behind-the-scenes documentary from you tube which includes the movie trailer.

If you like Gale at all then I'd definitely say it's worth your time to watch The Unseen.

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