Wednesday, June 11, 2008

IMDB is my guilty pleasure

Last week a thread was started on Gale's IMDB board by someone who saw him at a movie theater holding hands with a girl (presumably on a date). It set off quite a stir, most interestingly one that called into question the truth of the original poster. Evidently, because the OP didn't intrude on Gale's private time or space to take a picture to share with the rest of the world that meant that they were lying. Many pages of posts followed in defense of and in condemnation of the original post.

And then, two days ago, someone posted that "yes, Gale has a girlfriend and that he was at that particular theater because he lived in the neighborhood and it's all perfectly normal because this IS hollywood after all and it's common to see celebs all time."

One person responded with a post asking them to share the details.

And then...nothing.

For almost twenty four hours. Not one other person said "Wait a minute. How the hell do you know such personal stuff and why aren't you filling us in with all of the details??????"

I am SO disappointed with you IMDB Gale fanatics. You let a golden opportunity fall through your fingers.

Oh well.

It's rare that I find a picture of Gale that I haven't seen before. Most of the Gale sites are plastered with every pic ever taken of him. This is undoubtly several years old; but, he looks good so I'm posting it :)



plasticine said...

Darling you've been hiding this place of Gale worship from Moi...

I like this blog *grins*

bookgirl24 said...


You're my first comment, EVER!

I didn't not know that you worshipped the Gale too :)

I try to update at least every other day because Gale's too pretty to not think about *nods*