Friday, July 11, 2008


So, if you know anything about Gale you know that yesterday was his birthday. (Which I would have posted about but my computer was having *issues*) And in case you had forgotten, just cruise the IMDB board or check out my f-list over on LJ. It's kind of sweet (in a celebrity-stalking kind of way) that so many people care about Gale and want good things for him on his birthday.

This little post popped up on my Gale Google Alert and I laughed so hard when I read it. Then I spent a few minutes gazing at the Brian's O-face picspam.

"Still, having eyes as I do, I've taken notice here and there of its star Mr. Harold, and I do know well enough that to summon his name is to invite some sort of fannish wrath very specific to a sort of compulsive web-type... i.e. his fans are crazy people. Hi, crazy people! I will not abuse your lover here. I don't know or care if he and that blond twelve year old he romanced on the show were really in love or not but mean old society kept them apart."

You can go here for the rest of the post.

A pic with Gale and Faye Ann Lee. I doubt that "Falling For Grace" will make it to Austin, but if it does, I am so there.


I watched Wake this week and I'll review it later. I'm watching it again tomorrow because I have a squee date/movie chat with a couple of Gale fangirls.

I will be SO FREAKING HAPPY when Gale starts to do some press for DH so I can get some new pics.


critic75 said...

Re: Wake
Did you cry at the end?
I did the first three times I watched it. Now, my eyes just mist up.
Gale is so believable, no matter what role he plays.

critic75 said...

Looks like I left my comment for wake on the wrong article.
I wanted to comment this time on Mr. Plaidpants "O" faces. You can tell that he doesn't watch the show, or has no concept of what an "O" face is. Picture #7 is of Gale urinating in the bathroom, and #17 is when he is asleep. Maybe that's what plaidpants partners look like, so that is how he became confused. Still, and all, mighty nice pictures which I already have, so I didn't collect any.

JA said...

It's true. I only have sex with people who are asleep and/or peeing. Hopefully at the same time.

Aaanyway, thanks for the link, bookgirl24!