Sunday, August 31, 2008

Note to Susan: Are you crazy?

Another little bit of Gale on DH news from the Clilck the link for the rest of the blurb.

Desperate Housewives: The wicked soap pulled the rug out from viewers in last season’s finale, in which it flashed forward five years and — hey, what’s up with Susan (Teri Hatcher) not being married to Mike? Gale Harold (Vanished) will play Susan’s new love. "He’s kind of an interesting, artsy guy who’s very much very different from the previous man in her life," creator Marc Cherry told critics in July. "[He] will present her with all sorts of new challenges, especially the fact that she kind of doesn’t really even want to be in a relationship."

To which I can only reply- Is she NUTS????? It's Gale. He brings the arm AND the back porn.




*overlooks and tries to forgive the s5 hair*

She needs to get over herself.

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