Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Gale Gods are smiling on the fangirls today

More new caps this morning!

Notice that Gale is headless here. *glares at the person who cropped this pic*


A very animated conversation. I wonder what they're talking about.


I love this cap. Casual Gale not looking too happy. I'm also loving the hair in this one. He looks good.


This is the one that I was waiting for yesterday. At this size, his eyes look tired :(



plasticine said...

I want to take that last pic and have someone work some photoshop magic on it.

Gale in blue is oh so hot.

bookgirl24 said...

The last picture makes me kind of sad. He's so gorgeous and they don't seem to have captured that yet. I guess hair and makeup spend all of their time on the women :)

Gale looks great in the blue shirt. Definitely my favorite one.