Saturday, December 27, 2008

Gale and the cast of Queer As Folk

I'm having a bad day so I thought that I'd cheer myself up with a pic of Gale and the cast of Queer As Folk.

This is one of my favorite promo shots from the series. It's from season four. The entire cast looks great.


I'm starting to feel better.


Dish Upon a Star said...

Feel better soon, BookGirl! Looking at that photo is quite rejuvenating.

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I can't find your contact info! Maybe it's too late/early and I'm not looking hard enough, but anyway I have a copy of Fathers & Sons that I do not want.

Not sure if you need it on DVD, but I thought I'd offer. I check your blog everyday and find it refreshing!

I didn't really want to leave this as a comment, but if you can get back with me, I'll shoot you a message. Thanks and Happy New Year!!

bookgirl24 said...

Thanks Dish. Looking at Gale always has a positive effect on me.

Happy New Year!

bookgirl24 said...

Hey Anonymous, my email's I'd love to have a copy of his DVD. Thanks so much.