Saturday, December 20, 2008

You may think you, but you don't know. You know?

Busy, and slightly confusing times, Gale fans.

I was going to skip the whole "Will he or won't he be back on Desperate Housewives?" drama that's ensued the last couple days but Google alerts won't let me! And no, cancelling them is not an option. How else am I going to know when other Gale fans around the world type his name in cyberspace?

First, there was this bit of depressing news that showed up in a Google alert, which did include a stern statement from Gale's publicist: Harold's rep insisted there's nothing to be concerned with regarding her client: "He is fine. Your source is wrong," the publicist stated. IMHO, I seriously doubt that he really is "fine". If that were the case, he'd already be back at work. But, I digress.

Then, after the fangirls/fanboys called "foul" on the article, citing a previous, more positive "Gale sighting", the story was updated to let his fans know that he's been to the set to loop some scenes.

Confused yet?

I'm sure that the truth, whatever it is, lies somewhere between these two updates. And like everything else related to Gale, when, or if, he ever wants us to know anything about him, he'll tell us.

But I won't be holding my breath. I don't look that good in blue :D

So how about a gratuitous "Gale without a shirt" pic! When I first saw this, I thought it was from Queer As Folk, but then I quickly realized that Brian Kinney wouldn't be caught dead on those sheets. Seriously.


Damn, he looks good.

It's from the TV movie "Fathers and Sons", which I just added to my queue because I haven't seen it yet. Hopefully I'll enjoy it more than the person whose review is on the IMDB page, because *ouch* they did not like the movie at all.

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