Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Future Gale!

Thanks to the fangirls on my LJ f-list and at the IMDB board for the spoiler pics from Desperate Housewives episode 5.

This looks like a serious relationship moment. And not in a good way. *worries*

I will pull out my fangirl card and say that I LOVE how Gale looks in this scene. The hair's a little messier, which is always a good look on him. The shirt is different, BUT, he's a painter and most likely a very creative type and I have no doubt that he can pull it off :D Also, brown is a good color on him.

And the best part? It's the return of semi-scruffy Gale!

Oh semi-scruffy Gale, how I love thee!



A little side-note to Susan: break his heart and risk the wrath of his legions of fangirls. I'm just saying.

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